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Drinking Coffee

Why Consider the Wildflowers? 

Luke 12:27-28 

Welcome to Consider the Wildflowers! If this is your first visit, then I'm thrilled you're here. If you've made the jump from The Messy Manual over here, then I'm really glad you're sticking with me on this. 

I'd been thinking about a name change for a couple of months or so, but the timing never seemed quite right, until now. Let's see what direction we head off into now, shall we?


Our mission is simple - to create a community of believers who feel the love of God through our authentic storytelling. At Consider the Wildflowers, we offer a safe haven for people to connect, share, and grow in their faith. Our blog is full of inspiring stories and practical advice to help our readers navigate the complexities of modern life. Through our Bible-based encouragement, we aim to empower our readers to thrive amidst the chaos. I'm so glad that you're here and I hope you find a place among the wildflowers. 

Enjoying a Coffee


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