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Considering what you worship

I've heard it said so many times that you can pray about your worries, or you can worship your worries, but you can't do both. There have been a lot of times in my life that I am absolutely guilty of worshipping anything but God because I allow myself to get hyper-fixated on worries, comparison and a little jealousy, and all of the other things that are part of being a human. I don't mean to worship my worries, but it can become normal to focus on the strain or stress instead of the faith and the fact that God already has it worked out.

Isn't it possible that we can put literally anything ahead of our love and faith in God? Relationships and marriage, kids, work, money, schedules, worries, comparison, or anything else really.

In Mark 14:10, we see Judas Iscariot choose his worldly needs over the relationship he had with Jesus. When I was listening to the sermon about this topic, at first, I was pretty critical of Judas. How could he walk next to Jesus for 3 years and witness all that he did, but still betray Him for money? What an idiot! Then the next thought that crossed my mind was, "Well, how am I any different?" How many times have I seen amazing things in my life, but chosen to focus on the things I'm lacking?

In the same passage that Judas chose to betray Jesus, Mary chose to give everything she had to Jesus, despite the criticism she faced from others. How often do we offer everything to Jesus, even though people want to criticize us? Or do we start to turn loose of our insecurities and desires, but then we get a side-eye, so we sit down and put our hands and heads down?

Mary is a woman I already respect because she deliberately placed herself at the feet of Jesus when He was in her home so she could learn from Him, even though her sister was annoyed with her for not helping her. She was faithful in her belief that Jesus would take care of her brother after he had died. Then she gave up a precious heirloom that would have provided for her for at least a year, so she could anoint and worship Him, knowing her time in His physical presence was short.

What would it be like to be so certain, so confident in your faith that you are willing to sacrifice every bit of what you have?

Considering This: The question stands: what do you worship? The things you believe you need to be happy in this world- relationships, marriage, kids, work, money, cars, houses, etc. or do you put your faith, trust, and hope in Jesus?

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