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We're Halfway Through- How are we doing?

I'll be honest, I didn't really plan to take nearly 2 months away from the blog. We had graduations, birthdays, camps, I started a new job, and I'm learning a new balancing act. It's going to take some patience as I keep learning and shifting with this balancing act, but I'm working on it.

Every year, I choose a "Word of the Year" as something I want to work towards, or something that I desperately need for the year. My word this year was "surrender." I actually had to go back and look for it because I couldn't remember what I had chosen for the year. How am I doing with surrender? insert pained look here* Well, not great. I know there's a tremendous need for it in my life and if I would just take a seat and let God do what God's going to do without my interference, there's a strong chance that it would go even better than if I didn't get in the way with my pride and need for control.

I also set out some life proclamations for this year:

To be free and celebrate and mourn and feel everything, instead of hiding it all.

To value myself enough to take care of myself.

To love my family fiercely and take care of them to the best of my abilities.

To pursue the dreams that God has put on my heart.

To answer how I'm doing on these- I'd say I'm doing ok at pursuing dreams and doing the work that I have been called to do. 5/10

Loving my family and taking care of them: It depends on the day. I love them always, but sometimes I intervene too much, and I unintentionally take away a learning opportunity or a chance for growth and maturity. 6/10

Value myself enough to take care of myself: Not good. I tried the Holy Girl 40, but quickly realized that I need to improve my self-discipline and probably have an accountability partner that I will be honest with so maybe I'll succeed. 2/10

Not hiding my emotions: Again with the pained looks. 2/10. I don't have a poker face, so if you know me in person, you know that I don't actually hide much, but I'm not willing to share a whole lot outside of a couple of people.

Overall, this year needs improvement. There have been some really great moments so far and some not so great, but for me in this mid-year check-in, if I would surrender, I bet these proclamations and goals would go a whole lot smoother.

Considering this: If you did a mid-year check-in to see how you are doing with your goals, how would you rate yourself? Are you willing to take the time and make the improvement?

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